1983. Born in Staray Russa, Novgorod Oblast, Russia
2000-2008. Student at the St. Petersburg Institute of Arts and Crafts
2007. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
(International Federation of Artists)

Personal exhibitions:

2019-2020. "Sun" Vyborg Unified Museum Reserve-Vyborg Castle
2011. "Clowns and others" Kirkkonummi, Finland
2011. "Dream back" Turku, Finland
2009. «Nexapoda», Museum House V.V. Nabokov, S.Petersburg, Russia
2008. «Heat», Creative Union of Artists of Russia
2006. «Graphic», gallery «Forum», St.Petersburg

Group exhibitions and projects:

2014. International Symposium on Painting "From the creator is made" Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2014. Exhibition of Lars von Trier, City Sculpture Museum, St. Petersburg
2012. "Bonaparte-media", Art re.Flex Gallery, St. Petersburg
2012. International Graph Triennale in Tallinn, Estonia
2009. "Metamorphoses", St. Petersburg Creative Union of Artists, St. Petersburg
2007. «Graphic works exhibition», Academy of Arts, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2007. «Hope» within the framework of the festival of arts «From the avant-garde to the present day», Exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Russia, S.Petersburg
2007. Spring exhibition of students of the Institute of Decorative and Applied Sciences Art», Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia, S.Petersburg
2007. "Contemporary graphics of St. Petersburg"
Sakhalin Art Museum, South Sakhalin, Russia

Museum collections:

State Art Gallery, Uzhno-Sahalinsk, Russia
Nabokov's flat-museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Private collections:

Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Finland, Israel, USA.